Three Situations That Warrant Immediate Duct Cleaning

If air quality in your home and energy savings are important to you, you may want to consider regular duct cleanings for your home's HVAC system. While most ducts only need to be cleaned every three to five years, there are some situations that warrant immediate cleanings. Below are three situations in which duct cleaning by an HVAC professional is a must.

When You've Moved Into a New Home

When you move into a new home, it's always a good idea to have the entire HVAC system inspected and cleaned. Not every homeowner is on top of HVAC system maintenance, and this could lead to major issues down the line.

While you may have met the previous home owners, there could be things lurking in your new home's HVAC ducts that even they weren't aware of. Pet hairs, mold, mildew, and other allergens can have a poor effect on your home's air quality and your health.  Don't assume the previous owners stayed on top of HVAC maintenance and cleaning—call in a professional to get the job done so you can breathe easy.

When You've Had Remodeling Work Done

Even if the contractors have taken precautions, dust and other fibers can easily find their way into your home's ductwork. If not cleaned, this can clog your system's filters and reduce your home's air quality and energy efficiency. This is especially important if mold, mildew, or asbestos were encountered or removed during the remodel.

A professional duct cleaning will remove all dust and debris from the ducts, making your home's air quality healthy and safe.

When You've Discovered Little Critters

While central heating and cooling systems are a great way to keep your home comfortable, air ducts do offer the opportunity for critters of all kinds to travel throughout your home. If you've discovered a problem with rodents, roaches, or other pests, chances are they've been in your home's ducts.

After eliminating them from your home, it's important to get the ducts cleaned of any shedding or excrement, as both can cause serious health problems when released into the air.

Your home's duct work should be cleaned every three to five years, unless one of the above situations has occurred. If you've recently moved into your home, had remodeling work done, or found yourself battling pests, your duct work should be cleaned by a professional to avoid health problems, and to keep your ducts running efficiently. More info can be found online.