3 Important Reasons To Get Your Ducts Cleaned

There is nothing wrong with simply wanting to clean your home's air ducts because they are dirty, but just be aware that the EPA hasn't found much evidence that normally dirty ducts will decrease your HVAC system's efficiency or contribute to allergies. As long as you are keeping your furnace filters clean, most dust and allergens will be prevented from blowing into the rest of the house.

However, there are three instances when it is highly recommended that you have your air ducts cleaned by a professional. If any of these circumstances happen to you, a duct cleaning service will be well worth the cost. Most duct cleaning companies charge a flat fee plus the number of vents in your home.

Visible or Suspected Mold

While dust and dirt will be captured by a filter or stick to the sides of your ductwork before reaching the air in your home, mold spores are likely to escape and get blown all over your house. Mold can cause severe allergic reactions when left unchecked like this. If you open any of your vents and see gray, green, or brown substances, you should get the material tested to see if it is mold. If it is, hire a company to thoroughly clean your ducts and inspect your heating and air conditioning units for any residue there.

Excessive Lint and Dirt Buildup

Occasionally ducts can become so blocked with lint, dust, dirt, and other materials that they do need cleaning. This is most likely to occur in a very old house with old ducts that may be especially small. If you aren't getting air in certain rooms, or if you can actually see bits of dust flying out of your vents when the air comes on, a cleaning and tune-up for your blower would be an excellent idea.


If you have any kind of vermin--such as mice, rats, or cockroaches--that have taken up residence in your vents, then a cleaning is absolutely necessary. If any of the creatures die in the vents, they will decay and not only reek, but they will attract black flies that will spread everywhere. Your vents will become deposits for feces and cast off hair or exoskeletons. You will first need to have the pests eradicated, either by a professional or by catching and poisoning them yourself. Once you are fairly certain all the pests are gone, you can schedule an air duct cleaning to remove all the debris.

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