Gas Furnace Not Working? Learn How To Light The Pilot Light

If you have a gas furnace, you probably love the fact that you don't have huge electric bills and the heat always seems to be there. But if your heater isn't working and you've never dealt with furnace repair before, you might think that you have to call the technician immediately. Before you do, check the pilot light to make sure it is lit. If it is not, you'll need to relight it. It is easy to relight the pilot and feel warmth once again. This guide explains the steps you need to take.

Step 1: Turn Up the Heat

Check to ensure that the thermostat is in "heat" mode. You might find that it's not and that will solve your non-working furnace problem. If it is in "heat" mode, turn the thermostat up so that the heat will crank on when you get the pilot lit.

Step 2: Find the Pilot Device

Find the pilot device box near the area where the main gas line connects to the heater. It has a knob with three positions labeled on, pilot and off. Turn this knob to the off position and wait several minutes so that gas in the surrounding atmosphere dissipates.

Step 3: Find the Pilot and the Reset Button

Locate the pilot hole near the burner of your furnace. You'll know it when you see a reset button or knob next to it. Then grab a grill lighter or long matches.

Step 4: Hold a Flame on the Pilot

Turn the knob next to the pilot to the "Pilot" position. Press down on the reset button for several seconds and hold the flame from the lighter or match in front of the pilot hole.

Step 5: Release the Knob

Keep pressing the button or knob with your finger or thumb for a couple seconds to keep the gas flowing to the flame. Release it and check to see if the flame remains. If so, turn the pilot knob on the box to the "on" position. At this point, the burner will come on and your furnace should start up.

Once your pilot remains lit and your furnace is operating again, go back to the thermostat and set it at a comfortable temperature. If your furnace does not kick on after lighting the pilot, call a heating professional from a company like Maryland Oil Company because there is another problem. Additionally, call this professional if you have any problems lighting the pilot.