A Serious Air Conditioning Problem Every Homeowner Needs To Know About

When your air conditioning system is running smoothly, you can easily forget it is even there. When your system breaks down, knowing the reasons why could be a lifesaver for more than just being comfortable and cool, especially if the problem is a refrigerant leak. Check out some facts you need to know about air conditioning gas leaks.

Refrigerator Coolant Can Be A Sneaky Gas Inside Your Home

R410-A refrigerant is a coolant that is used in most modern air conditioning units. Many older systems use a coolant called Freon. However, when your system has a coolant leak and it leaks into your house, it becomes a harmful gas through evaporation. If inhaled, coolant gases can cause serious symptoms that require immediate medical attention. In some more serious cases, breathing refrigerant coolant gas can cause asphyxiation as well. Some signs of a coolant leak include:

  • Ice forming on the pipes and evaporator coil
  • Poor cooling operation
  • Oily residue stains underneath or around the leak

If you think you're in need of air conditioning repair, contacting an HVAC professional for checking it out is vital to yours and your family's safety.

Coolant Leaks And Your Air Conditioning System's Performance

Maybe you have noticed an increase in your energy expenses each month and you are not sure why. Anytime there is an increase on your energy usage and you have no idea where it could be coming from, having your HVAC system checked out is a good idea to avoid coolant leaks causing health issues. The harder your air conditioning system has to work to maintain a cool temperature in your home, the higher it will cost to run it. Not only does poor performance caused by coolant leaks increase your energy bills, it can also cause expensive damage to your system.

How Coolant Leaks Happen

Air conditioning coolant leaks can be caused by a few factors, one of the most common being vibrations in the unit and outside of the unit while it is running. Vibrations can cause pipes carrying coolant to become loosened over time, an issue that can be avoided with regular preventative maintenance. Vibrations can be caused by external sources like lawn mowers as well.

Providing scheduled checks for coolant leaks in your air conditioning system is vital to your home's healthy environment. Not only can you save money for expensive repairs, you can also avoid health problems that would also entail the high cost of medical care. Avoid these kinds of stressful problems by learning more about how you can get signed up for regularly scheduled maintenance checks.