Three Choices For Heating Systems With Biomass Boilers

There are many alternatives to conventional heating systems that use gas, oil or electricity to power them. Biomass boilers are one of the alternative systems available, and they can be used for many different types of heating solutions. You can use them for central heating, radiators and in-floor heating solutions. Here are some of the choices that you may want to consider for your biomass boiler:

1. Adding A Heat Exchanger For Central Heating With Biomass

When you think of biomass boilers, you may not think of central HVAC with ductwork. There are heat exchangers available for boilers though. These can be installed inside a duct plenum, where they have hot water circulating through them to heat your home. If you have a home with an existing HVAC system, and are looking to replace a conventional furnace, this can be a great way to incorporate alternative energy into the heating system for your home. You can also use them for new installation and install ductwork for your home heating.

2. Building And Renovations With The Installation Of In-Floor Heating

If you are building a new home or doing major renovations that include installing new floors, in-floor heating systems can be a great solution. This is a type of radiant heating that is less intrusive than conventional radiators. The heating elements are hidden in a network of pipes that are buried beneath your floors. In-floor heating systems will uniformly heat your home, making your heating more efficient. These systems can be expensive to install, and may not be ideal for existing homes because the cost of installing the pipes and new floors. They are more practical for new homes and remodels that involve replacing flooring.

3. Using Conventional Radiators For An Affordable Biomass Solution

The more conventional solution for a biomass boiler is the use of radiators. If you already have radiant heating installed in your home with radiators, this may be the most practical solution. For new installations, a minimal amount of radiators can be installed and expanded upon later. If you plan on expanding your system in the future to areas like home additions or finished basement, radiators will make it easier to expand your system without the need to do any costly renovations and upgrades.

If you want to have a more affordable energy source for heating your home biomass systems can be a great option. You can contact an HVAC contractor like those at Biggerstaff Plumbing Heating & Air and talk with them about some of the central HVAC solutions that can be used for your home heating system.