The Myriad Advantages Of A Ground-Source Heat Pump

What would it mean for you if you could heat and cool your home with one machine? What if the same machine could give you efficiency levels of up to 600%? What if you could heat and cool your home without the need to draw power from the grid? If you want to reduce or eliminate your heating and cooling costs, then you need to look into buying a ground-source heat pump.

How It Works

A heat pump works by absorbing heat from one location and moving it to another. This is how your AC unit cools your home. If you reverse the function of an AC unit, it will absorb heat from the outside air and move it into your home. If your heat pump absorbs heat from the outside air, it will be less efficient than it could be. The problem is that air temperatures fluctuate, and the closer the air temperature gets to freezing, the less heat there is for your heat pump to absorb. A ground-source heat pump absorbs heat from the ground, and this makes all the difference. 

How to Tap into Ground Temperatures

The temperature of the earth ten feet below ground will stay between 50-60 degrees year round. This will allow a ground-source heat pump to achieve efficiency levels of up to 600%. In order to tap into the ground temperatures, you need to bury specially designed coils in the ground. Your heat pump can then absorb heat from the ground to heat your home and expel heat into the ground to cool your home. 

Taking Your Heat Pump off the Grid

A heat pump runs off of electricity. Even with a heat pump that can achieve efficiency levels of up to 600%, your heat pump will still be a drain on your utility costs. If you want to eliminate cost altogether, you can install solar panels to generate your own electricity. You will then have a clean and cost-free way to heat your home. 

If you are looking for a safe and cost-effective way to heat and cool your home, then you need to steer away from conventional offerings like an AC unit and a furnace. Instead, you need to find the most efficient piece of machinery that you can find, and then find a way to take it off the grid. If you install a ground-source heat pump, you can eliminate the need to pay for your heating and cooling ever again. 

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