3 Tips To Make Your AC More Efficient

Do you often run your air conditioner but see little to no difference in your home's temperature decreasing? If so, then you may assume that your unit needs to be replaced, right? Well, rather than assume your unit needs to be replaced, consider performing some maintenance and repair services on it. Repairs can enhance the overall performance of your unit tremendously, which can improve how quickly your home cools off, as well as prevent you from having to keep your unit on for long periods of time, which can increase your electrical bill. So, to ensure your unit is running efficiently, consider the following:  

Upgrade Your Filters:

Old filters won't only impact the air quality that your air conditioner produces, but it can minimize airflow. Because old filters can be covered in layers of dust, this will block the openings in the filter from allowing the air that your unit creates to make its way into your home. This may be the reason why you are not seeing fast results when using your air condition. To ensure this doesn't impact your unit's ability to cool your home, be sure to have your filters replaced regularly. 

Eliminate Leaks:

Leaks can impact the overall performance of your unit tremendously. Not only does this prevent your home from cooling off quickly, but this causes you to run your air conditioner longer to make up for the poor performance, which can end up costing you more than you think. It is best to inspect your unit's duct and if your unit is attached through a side window of your home, check for small gaps that may be leaking air that your air conditioner produces. Fixing and patching any leaks can increase the performance of your unit, which will prevent you from having to run your AC all day before noticing results. 

Reposition Your Condenser:

If your air conditioner's condenser is located in an area in your side or backyard that doesn't receive good air flow then consider replacing your unit. Providing your unit with a breeze can help the performance of your unit tremendously, as this allows your condenser to pull in more air and deliver it into your home. 

Taking advantage of these tips won't only improve the quality of your units performance, but it can reduce the length that you need to operate your unit, which will minimize your power consumption.  This can allow your unit to cool your home faster which will eliminate the need to run your unit all day and this can save you big on your electrical bill.  

For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Kassel Appliance & Ac Repair.