Eliminating Odd Odors In A Commercial Freezer With A Simple ABC Guide

There is no question about it, the commercial freezer that you have in your food service business is one of the most crucial components that you have. However, it is not uncommon for this area of the kitchen to get neglected simply because it is tucked away behind a closed door. One of the most common complaints business owners have about a commercial freezer is that it emits an odd odor. If you have a commercial freezer in your restaurant or food service business that is starting to smell kind of funky, there is a simple ABC guide that you can use to eliminate odors. 

Always make sure to eliminate old product from the freezer unit. 

As a commercial food business owner, you probably already know the importance of keeping products rotated in the freezer, but this task can sometimes get disregarded, leaving outdated product pushed toward the back of shelves. Even though this product may be frozen, it can still go bad, often developing frost and starting to emit a bad odor. If your freezer smells bad, go through the product in your freezer carefully and make sure that you remove any outdated product that could be hanging around. 

Briskly clean all surfaces, including shelving, walls, and floor. 

Odors that you smell in your walk-in freezer could be coming from moisture deposits that have frozen to the surfaces inside. Therefore, one easy way to eliminate odors is to carefully clean all of the surfaces inside, right down to the ceiling and shelving. Because it can be difficult to clean the freezer if it is encrusted with ice, allow it to go into defrost mode before you start cleaning. Use a stiff-bristled brush to carefully remove any ice buildup that may be present. Once the ice is out of the way, use a mild sanitizing solution to wipe down the surfaces to eliminate odors. 

Check the filtration and drainage system in the freezer. 

Commercial freezers can build up a fair amount of condensation, so they all have some type of drainage system in place that should wick away excess moisture during defrosting. Plus, your freezer could have an air filtration system that traps humidity inside the freezer. Check the drainage lines and clean them with a water and bleach solution if they appear soiled or seem to have a bad odor. Likewise, check out the filter of the air filtration unit of the freezer and clean it as necessary. 

For more help with commercial freezer repairs, contact an HVAC professional in your area.