4 AC Maintenance Tasks You Need To Do Regularly

Every homeowner knows that an air conditioner (AC) needs to be serviced regularly in order to maintain its efficiency and to prevent it from breaking down all the time. However, many people don't know exactly which route the maintenance should take. Here are four maintenance practices that every AC regularly needs:

Cleaning or Replacing the Air Filters

The filter cleans the air coming into your AC so that it doesn't clog the system and you don't breathe in contaminated air. The cleaning happens when the incoming air is forced through the tiny openings in the filter. Unfortunately, these tiny openings get clogged with debris over time, reducing the efficiency of the filters. This has far-reaching consequences for your AC; for example, it may make your system work harder than it should, leading to overheating and possible system failure. This is why you need to replace the filters regularly or clean and replace them (if you have reusable filters).

Cleaning the Water Pan

Your AC does not just cool the air in your house; it also handles the humidity by taking some water from the air. This water eventually cools, condenses and drips off the evaporator coils. The water pan is there to collect this water.

It's advisable to clean the water pans regularly to discourage the growth of mold and prevent musty odors. As you know, mold is a dangerous organism to have in your AC system; it can easily cause respiratory health effects among members of your household. At the same time, mold thrives in moist places. Cleaning the pan, preferably with vinegar or detergent, will discourage mold growth on it by eliminating any pores that may have taken root in it.

Clearing the Drain Channels

Apart from cleaning the condensate drain pan, you also need to clean the condensate line that carries the condensed water for proper drainage. If the condensate lines are clogged, for example by dirt or insect debris, they will prevent proper drainage of the condensed water, and your AC may fail to manage your house's humidity.

Cleaning the Coils

Lastly, you also need to clean both the condenser and evaporator coils to prevent them from clogging. The coils are responsible for heat exchange between the refrigerant inside the coils and the free air. This heat exchange will be hampered if the coils are dirty because the debris will act as insulation over the coils.

The above are things you may be able to do on your own if you have a good understanding of your AC. However, you also need a professional technician's technical know-how regularly to service parts of the AC that you shouldn't touch, such as the electrical parts. Contact a company like Green  Air Inc for more information.