When Do You Need To Clean Your Air Ducts?

Not everyone believes that air ducts should be regularly cleaned; some people believe that the cleaning doesn't offer any real benefits. However, everything should be cleaned when it gets dirty, and the air ducts are no exception. That is why you need to have the air ducts cleaned under the following conditions:

If You Suspect Mold

Having mold in your air ducts is dangerous because there is a risk that the mold spores may contaminate the air you breathe. Mold is not good for your health; it can intensify existing health concerns such as asthma or even trigger respiratory ailments in healthy people. There are also people who are allergic to mold. Therefore, you should clean your air ducts if you suspect that it is infested with mold. You should suspect mold in your air ducts if:

  • There are discolored patches in your air ducts; these may be mold
  • Your house is damp and has been damp for some time
  • Your household members are experiencing unexplained respiratory health issues such as breathing difficulties, throat irritation, runny and stuffed noses

Your Air Ducts Are Infected With Rodents

There are several reasons you should get rid of rodents and all their signs from your air ducts. For example, the rodents can carry and transmit disease-carrying organisms and infect your household members with dangerous diseases. Not only that, but the rodents can also damage your roof, electrical, and air conditioning systems. There is also a chance that the rodents may migrate from the air ducts to other parts of the house and cause even more damage. The rodents may also die in the ducts and fill your house with a foul smell. Lastly, the rodents may also clog the ducts with their droppings and nests, which reduce the efficiency of the ducts.

The Air Ducts Are Clogged With Dust

Lastly, you should clean your air ducts if they are clogged with dirt or dust particles, even if the dust is not from dangerous substances. Too much debris can clog the air ducts and even attract rodents to them. Not only that, but the dirt may also encourage infestation of small pests, such as dust mites, which some people are allergic to. There is also a risk that the dust and dirt particles may pass through the air registers and contaminate your indoor air.

If it has been long since you cleaned the air ducts, then you need to clean them as soon as possible even if you aren't aware of any obvious clogging. It may be that you think the air ducts are clean while, in real sense, they aren't; consult an AC technician for a diagnosis and cleaning. For more information, contact companies like Indoor Weather Professionals.