Spring Preparation Tips For Your Air Conditioner

It's nearly spring, but it may not really feel like it outside just yet. This is the perfect time to get your air conditioner in shape for the upcoming warm weather that will be here before you know it. Read on for tips to get your air conditioner in top shape this spring.

Clean It Out

If your air conditioner is covered, remove the tarp or air conditioner cover. Then open up the lid to the air conditioner. To do this, you should remove the screws holding it in place. Reach inside the unit to remove everything that may have collected inside. If your unit is too deep to reach in, you can use a shop vacuum with an extension. Debris can fall into the unit, especially in the fall. Once you have the debris out, use a hose spray down the entire unit. Don't spray the electrical compartment of the unit with the hose.

Check The Pipe Insulation

Check the insulation on the piping outside to be sure it is still in good shape. If it is damaged, it could cause a problem such as the refrigerant heating up and could end up cooling your home unevenly. Replace the pipe insulation if it is torn or damaged in any way. Pipe insulation is not that expensive and can be replaced by the most novice homeowner. It's a job that takes only a few minutes and could save you quite a bit of money.

Test Your Air Conditioner

Before waiting until it's too hot in your home, you should test your air conditioner while it's still cool outside. Turn your thermostat to cool and adjust the temperature to see if it turns on. If your air conditioner does not turn on, it could be a few different things. Test the wiring on the back of the thermostat to be sure the wires are attached properly. If that wasn't the problem, check the batteries on the thermostat. Other problems include the circuit board not sending the signal to the air conditioner, or the contractor on the air conditioner could have gone bad. These are problems that should be left to a professional HVAC technician to repair. Testing your unit ahead of time helps prevent waiting for a technician and sitting in a hot home. 

It may not feel like spring outside, but it is springtime. Get your air conditioner in shape before it gets too hot outside and be sure your unit works properly. Call your local HVAC services to have your unit checked and tested.