Inexpensive Items You Need To Keep Your Home Toasty Warm This Winter

While the temperatures outdoors are still high and the last thing you are probably thinking about is heating your home this upcoming winter, now is actually the best time to start getting your home buttoned up for the cold season. By taking the time to do so now, your family will be toasty warm even during the first cold snap.

If you aren't sure where to start preparing your home for cooler temperatures you should start by having your home's HVAC system professionally inspected and tuned up and by purchasing these inexpensive items and installing them will help.

Purchase a Chimney Balloon for Your Fireplace

When your fireplace isn't in use, you should always keep the damper closed. However, just closing the damper doesn't typically solve all draft issues with a chimney. Thankfully, you can purchase an inexpensive device known as a chimney balloon that will completely seal off the chimney.

As the name implies, chimney balloons are a device you blow up and then insert in a fireplace's chimney. The balloon molds itself to all of the interior spaces and rids your home of the updraft naturally created by the chimney.

Chimney balloons also work well in the summer months to keep the cold air contained inside of your home.

Purchase Rolls of Self-Adhesive Weather Stripping

Available at all hardware stores are cheap rolls of self-adhesive weather stripping. The weather stripping has one side that sticks to your door and window frames, an outside layer of plastic or paper, and an inner foam core to help it mold to the frame.

There are different sizes of weather stripping available for different sizes of doors and windows.

Purchase Door Snakes

If your home used to have wall-to-wall carpet and since it was removed all the interior doors have large gaps where they meet the floor, then you should purchase some door snakes to block off these gaps.

You can find really fun and cute designs for door snakes online, or you can purchase some basic models at your local home improvement store.

If you do not want to manually place the door snakes in place each time you close the door, then you can purchase the type that attaches to the bottom of the door.

Purchase Additional Attic Insulation

Finally, if your home's attic space is not well insulated, then now is a great time to take care of that. Rolls of fiberglass insulation are inexpensive and very easy to install. If you choose to install extra insulation during the summer, then you will get the added benefit when cooling your home as well. However, make sure you work early in the morning before the attic space becomes oppressively hot.

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