3 Things To Talk To Your HVAC Professional About

If you need a new heating and cooling system, then you know that it can cost you an arm and a leg. This article will list a few different things that you should talk to your HVAC professional about either before they install your HVAC system or after it happens. Read on a little bit to learn more. 


One of the things that you should talk to your HVAC equipment manufacturer about is the warranty; you want to make sure that you have a warranty that will cover your HVAC for at least a couple of years just in case something was to malfunction. Another thing you can ask your HVAC equipment manufacturer about is an extended warranty, which you can usually buy for an additional cost and that will cover even more things or it will just extend the life of your existing warranty. 


One of the best ways for you to make sure that your HVAC system lasts long and functions properly is to know exactly what types of filters that your exact HVAC system requires. The last thing that you want to do is to put just a generic old filter in your system that doesn't fit it because it won't do its job. Additionally, there may be some types of filters that you can put into your HVAC system that cost a little bit more upfront but that last a lot longer than other filters do. Another thing to consider is that certain types of filters may void your manufacturer warranty. 

Tune Up

You should talk to your HVAC system manufacturer about tune ups; you want to make sure that you are getting your system tune up as much as it needs to be; for some systems that may be once a year and for other systems it may be every other year. 

During your initial bid with your HVAC system manufacturer, you can ask them all of these questions or you can contact them, later on to ask them these questions as well. By understanding a little bit more about your system and the maintenance it requires, you can ensure that it lasts longer and that you don't do anything to void your warranty. Voiding your warranty can cause a lot of problems for you. To learn more, contact an HVAC system manufacturer today and see if they can come out and give you a bid on your new system!