Why Are Boiler Heating Systems Such A Good Choice For Businesses?

If you're in need of commercial HVAC installation for your building, your first inclination may be to go with a forced air system like you have at home. However, this is not always the best choice. Although boiler heating is a bit old fashioned for homes, it is still a really great choice for commercial structures. Here's why.

Boiler heating is quiet.

When your employees are trying to talk to customers, they won't want to have to talk over the sound of a heater blowing air. The noise of a forced air system can also disrupt employees who prefer to work in silence. Boiler heating barely makes a sound. This makes it easier for clients and employees to communicate, and for those quiet-loving employees to focus and get things done.

Boiler heating is allergy-friendly.

You probably have a few employees with indoor allergies. Allergies to mold and dust are really common. Forced air systems, since they work by blowing air around, toss those allergens up into the air each time the system kicks on. This will lead to a lot of sneezing and itching among employees who have allergies. Your clients may also be miserable, and that does not encourage them to return to your business! Boiler heating does not displace the air or disturb allergens, so your allergic employees and clients will be happier and healthier.

Boiler heating maintains a more even temperature.

A forced air heating system blows hot air through the room, waits for the room to cool off, and then does it again. There's a lot of ebb and flow in the temperature, which means your employees may be warm one minute and chilly a few minutes later. Boiler heating delivers a more consistent temperature. The radiators slowly come down in temperature after the boiler turns off, so they emit heat for a much longer period. Your employees won't be taking their sweaters on and off as often.

Boiler heaters are really durable.

The last thing you want is for the heat to go out, because then you'll have to close and send people home. Boiler systems are a bit simpler than forced air systems. There are fewer moving parts, which means you're less likely to deal with breakdowns. 

To learn more about boiler heating and its advantages for commercial spaces, talk to a heating contractor near you. They can recommend a system that will suit your needs.