Air Conditioning Repairs That Are Often Needed During Summer Weather Due To A Lack Of Maintenance

During the summer months, there are a lot of air conditioner repairs that need to be done due to the lack of maintenance. If you have a problem with some of these issues, knowing the cause can prevent them from happening again and prevent the repairs from getting costlier. The following summer AC repairs are usually needed due to a lack of maintenance that could cause serious damage to your air conditioner.

Ductwork That Has Not Been Inspected And Damage That Has Caused Issues With Air Leaks And Inefficient Cooling

Sometimes, during the winter months, moisture, pests, and wear of the heating system can cause ducts to be damaged. These problems can start as minor air leaks, but they can get worse when you start using the AC more frequently. These problems can be avoided by inspecting the ducts in spring but will require repairs if there is poor airflow and your AC is not cooling the home during the summer heatwaves.

Problems With Filters, Vents, And Dirty AC Components That Restrict Airflow And Reduce Air Quality

The filters of your HVAC system need to be changed regularly throughout the year. The dirty filters can cause the airflow to be restricted, the parts to wear, and air quality in your home to be poor. To prevent these problems, change the filter regularly and have the ducts in your home cleaned if there is a problem with poor air quality due to the lack of HVAC maintenance and routine air filter changes.

Dirty AC Condensing Unit And Coils That Can Cause Freezing And Serious Damage This Summer

During summer heatwaves, one of the most common problems that you may have with your AC is the condensing unit and coils freezing. This happens when there is a buildup of dust that allows condensation to form and freeze. These problems can cause damage to a lot of AC components and can be prevented by cleaning your AC unit.

Problems With Winter Damage That Have Been Overlooked And May Surface During Summer Heatwaves

The winter months could have caused damage to your AC that you have overlooked until now. These problems can be due to moisture in the drain lines that has caused leaks and damage. It can also be due to pests and weather damage to the condensing unit outside of your home. If you are having problems with your AC this summer, you will want to look for these problems that could be due to winter damage that was not repaired in the spring.

These are some of the summer air conditioning problems that are often caused by a lack of maintenance. If you have neglected maintenance and are having trouble with your cooling, contact an AC repair company to get help with the maintenance that still needs to be one.