You May Need To Replace Your Air Ducts If You Notice These Things

Many homeowners overlook the fact that their air ducts are an important part of their air conditioning systems. If you get your routine maintenance services performed, the service will likely include inspecting your ducts and cleaning or making amendments as needed.

It is important to recognize signs that could mean you have an air duct issue if you have skipped maintenance appointments. Issues with air ducts can cause a myriad of problems. The following points will help you to identify a few issues you might incur if you need to have your air ducts inspected or replaced. 

Rising Energy Costs

This could be caused by damaged ductwork. The system will need to work harder due to cool air escaping. Frequent thermostat adjustments in an effort to feel comfortable can result in energy costs rising even more. Check your energy bill to be sure that there has not been a change in rates. If not, you may have air ducts that need to get replaced. Energy costs can also rise when air ducts do not get cleaned on schedule. Dirty air ducts restrict airflow, and AC systems have to work harder to produce cool air.

Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Leaky and dirty air ducts can allow allergens to enter into the air. Some individuals may not feel the impact of the polluted air. However, individuals with allergies may have breathing difficulties if the IAQ is poor. When ducts are not cleaned, mold can thrive in them. It is also possible for disease-spreading pests to dwell inside of them. If ducts get damaged or badly polluted, consider replacing them.

Issues with Comfort

Numerous things can cause your system not to cool properly. Leaking and low refrigerant are examples of circumstances that can impact cooling. However, damaged air ducts can also negatively impact your air conditioning system's ability to cool. Since various system issues can impact optimal cooling, it is best to get a professional inspection rather than assuming that your air ducts are the problem.

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to ensure the integrity of your air ducts has not been compromised. If there is an issue, they can determine the best approach to correcting the issue. It is possible for you to have a cooling issue that is not related to your air ducts. This is why system inspections are necessary. The technician can determine the exact nature of your issue, which may sometimes involve multiple repairs. 

To learn more, contact an air conditioning repair contractor.