Gas Furnace Problems: Potential Causes

A good heating source for your home is likely appreciated on cold days. This may lead to you overlooking how inconvenient it would be not having heat in your home. Sometimes heating systems stop working and may need repairs. It is an inconvenience that often occurs when homeowners delay or avoid getting seasonal maintenance for their heating systems. If you use a gas furnace to heat your home, the following points represent things that can interfere with your furnace turning on or staying on.

Not Blowing Heated Air

If you notice that your heat is not blowing out, it may be related to the motor or fan. The system may shut off repeatedly every time you try to initiate using heat. This problem can be frustrating especially if it happens in the frigid months of winter. You can consider this as an emergency heating repair and should contact a 24/7 HVAC contractor. Your furnace may be shutting off to protect important parts from overheating and causing extensive damage. The fan in your furnace needs to be fully operational to provide forced heat. Any broken or loose components such as the fan belt can interfere with providing heat. 

Thermostat Issues

This is a common culprit for heating issues. Sometimes homeowners discover that they do not have their thermostats set correctly, which is a simple fix. However, thermostats may malfunction as they age or due to manufacturer defects. A simple inspection could identify the need for a thermostat replacement. If you have an older thermostat, this could be an ideal start to getting a more advanced heating system if your heating system is compatible with a smart thermostat option. 

Pilot Light

You have likely seen the flickering of the flame in your furnace that is referred to as "the pilot light." If it will not stay lit, you have an issue that will need to get addressed by an HVAC contractor. This is because lighting a gas furnace that needs repairs could create unsafe conditions and possibly cause an explosion or fire. You might also be trying to fix something you do not have the skills to do such as replace the thermocouple. This is an important furnace component that has to be working in order for the pilot light to stay lit. 

An HVAC services company is a good resource to use to understand the importance of keeping your HVAC system properly maintained. They can also inspect your system if it does not perform as expected and determine the cause. Some issues can be remedied with HVAC repairs, but if a system is severely damaged or aged, an HVAC replacement might be the better option when comparing costs. It is possible to upgrade entire systems, but you may opt for either a heating replacement or AC replacement. 

To learn more, reach out to a local HVAC service today.