Can You Install an AC Unit Yourself?

Even for people who enjoy the occasional DIY fix around their home, the idea of installing a brand-new air conditioning system all by themselves can be daunting. There's a significant investment of time—not just in installing it, but also in learning the right process. There's also the fear that something could go wrong during the air conditioning installation itself, which can cause irreparable damage to your home.

These fears are completely unfounded. In fact, unless you're extremely familiar with how air conditioning systems operate, you should leave the work to a professional. There are several advantages to this, several of which are outlined below.

It Will be Up to Code

Like everything else in your home, your home's systems need to be up to a certain standard to meet government regulations. While the standards are freely available to anybody who searches for them, knowing how to implement them on a practical level can be hard. Moreover, depending on what type of AC system you install, you may also need to file for permits, which can be time-consuming. You might find yourself at the end of a long stack of documents several months down the road before you're even able to get started.

It Will be Quicker

The paperwork notwithstanding, having a professional air conditioning installation performed can save you significantly on time. HVAC contractors have installed hundreds of air conditioning systems in their lifetime, which means they'll be able to complete the work in less than a few days. They also have a large team that can handle this type of work, whereas you'll have to recruit a few very loyal friends to do most of the labor yourselves. When you factor in mistakes and breaks, you're looking at a significant time investment when it's all said and done.

It Will be Cheaper

One of the main reasons that people try to perform DIY solutions in their homes because they think it will be cheaper to do so. In reality, larger jobs such as air conditioning installations can actually be more expensive if you try to do it yourself. Even if the actual installation is accomplished with relatively few problems, today's units are so energy-efficient that if it's dialed in the slightest bit incorrectly, it can send your energy prices skyrocketing. If you want to take advantage of your unit, you need to make sure you have a professional install it for you.

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