Here's How You Know The Furnace In Your Home Needs To Be Replaced

A well-maintained furnace should serve you for more than a decade. However, the life and efficiency of the unit also depend on the initial installation, and whether you have been maintaining it well. If you have had your furnace for over five years, it's possible its efficiency has gone down significantly. The challenge is to figure out whether the rating has gone down enough to warrant replacing the unit, or you can still repair it. If the furnace has developed problems that would be too costly to repair or irreparable issues, replacing it is the best thing you could do. Here's how you know time to replace your furnace has come.

Signs of Aging

The first indicator that you should start planning for another furnace is signs of aging. Look for signs such as soot, rust, cracks, and unusual smells. Soot is normal regardless of the age of the furnace, but if it's getting thicker and darker, it means that the furnace is not getting the needed amount of fresh air to complete the combustion process. Other signs of aging that you should watch out for include damaged pipes and venting systems. Damaged pipes and venting systems are dangerous because they can lead to gas poisoning in your home, which is a serious health hazard. Have a professional assess the level of age damage, and help you decide whether to replace the furnace.

Inconsistent Temperature in the House

When your furnace is operating optimally, you will enjoy consistent temperatures inside your home. If you notice that different parts of your home have different temperatures, then the furnace might have developed a serious problem. If it doesn't become efficient even after repairing it, then it's advisable to replace it. Another sign related to temperature fluctuation is a difference in airflow patterns. If you have a hard time remaining comfortable inside your home, try changing the filters. After replacing the filters, check for changes in comfort levels inside your home, and if there are none, it is time to replace the entire unit.

Extremely High Electricity Bills

High bills are a common indicator that your furnace is not functioning as efficiently as it should. As the furnace gets older, its SEER or energy-efficiency rating will naturally drop. There is a level below which it's not economical to keep repairing the unit. If you keep calling the repairman for endless maintenance and repairs, besides high electric bills, it is time to consider changing the furnace.

These are simple but effective ways you can tell when you need to buy a new furnace. Choose an excellent brand from trusted manufacturers for a superior quality, reliable, and durable heating system for your home. Also, ensure you hire an experienced contractor to help you install the new furnace. Find furnace replacement services in your area today.