3 Vital Services To Put On Your Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance List

When it comes time to give your air conditioning system a thorough inspection, taking a few extra short steps can make all the difference. Having your circuit and electrical components inspected, your drains checked, and your outdoor unit cleaned will make sure your air conditioner runs well all summer long.

Electrical Inspection

Your air conditioner requires electricity to function, so a thorough electrical inspection should be a high priority. Beyond an inspection of the unit itself, it also helps to make sure the circuit it runs on is in good shape. Many air conditioners, due to the amount of power they require to operate, will run on a dedicated circuit. Among other things, this means that if there are any issues with this circuit, you likely won't know about them until you try to use your air conditioner, as nothing else is running on the circuit to give any sign of trouble.

Beyond causing problems for your air conditioner, a circuit that is in any way faulty could pose the risk of damage. Inspecting the circuit, the breaker panel, and your air conditioner's electrical components is an easy way to make sure your air conditioner will operate reliably and safely during the summer.

Parts Inspection and Cleaning

Since your air conditioner has so many parts, many of which move, it's a good idea to make sure they're all in good working order. This includes the fan blades, the fuses, the start, and run capacitors, and other parts inside the outdoor unit. Many potential problems can be found early upon a quick visual inspection.

It also helps to make sure your outdoor unit is clean inside and out. If any debris gets inside the unit, it can damage moving parts, which can quickly get expensive to fix. Make sure there are no weeds or plants growing around the base of the unit and that nothing is propped up against it. This ensures proper airflow to your outdoor unit and reduces the risk of physical damage to the fins or any other moving parts.

To be extra thorough, you can also use a fin straightener to fix any bent or dented fins on the outside of the unit.

Filter and Drain Check

Your HVAC system's air filter should be changed at least a few times a year to keep your system running properly and to keep your air clean. As part of your annual maintenance, check your filter before you start running your air conditioner constantly, and make sure you have replacements on hand.

Additionally, check your condensate drain. This is where moisture that's pulled from the air during the cooling process is diverted safely out of your home. If this drain gets clogged, water can back up and cause your air conditioner to shut down automatically to avoid water damage. Run some water down the drain to make sure it's clear.

To learn more, contact an air conditioning maintenance service.