Learn About Common Misconceptions About HVAC Systems

Understanding your central HVAC system is a big part of being properly prepared when it comes to taking care of your home. With so many misconceptions about these systems, it is easy to make mistakes and unfortunately, some of them can be costly mistakes. This guide on central HVAC systems will help to dispel many common misconceptions. 

Central HVAC systems are great because they require no maintenance

Another common misconception is that central HVAC systems are so great because they are maintenance-free systems. One thing about this is true, these systems are great to have, but you do need to have your system serviced annually. 

This is the best way to ensure you get the most from your system for the longest amount of time. If you don't have someone come out annually, then you should call a technician to come out right away to have a look at your system.

You can save money by closing off vents in unused rooms

Many people believe they will be able to save some money on their heating or cooling by closing the vents to rooms that aren't in use. However, this is actually something that you do not want to do. 

If you close off one or more vents then when the system turns on, it will be forced to blow more air through other areas, and this builds up pressure and it forces the system to do more work to distribute the air. If you have been doing this and now your unit is acting up, you should call someone out to look at it and repair any problems that are found. 

It's normal for a central HVAC system to make all kinds of noises

Your system will make a number of noises that are completely normal. There will be the noise it makes when it comes on, the hum it makes while it is running, the sound of the air coming from the vents, and the thermostat may make a low click when switching settings. Other than these noises, you don't want to hear anything else coming from any part of the system. 

Grinding noises can be the belt or the compressor, whistling can be a leak in the ductwork, and any other noises can also signify issues that need repairing. Have someone come out and check your system if it is making any new or odd noises. 

You should always turn off the HVAC system when you leave

Many people think that their system should be turned off when they leave just as how they turn off their lights and some other appliances. The thought is that this can conserve energy, but it is not correct. 

Continually turning the system off and on, the system will be using more energy to bring the interior temperature back to the desired one. What you should really do is to set the temperature up a few degrees in the summer and down by a few degrees in the winter so it doesn't come on as often while you are gone, but also so you conserve energy. If you have been turning your system on and off regularly and now it is having problems, have someone come take a look at it for you.

For more information on air conditioning, contact a local HVAC company.