Emergency Water Heater Repairs That Require You To Hire A Plumber

Many homeowners install their water heaters out of sight, so it's common for minor repair issues to go unnoticed. As long as the unit supplies the required amount of hot water, a homeowner rarely thinks of their water heater. However, when there's an emergency repair issue that requires plumbers' immediate attention, a homeowner will suddenly be very aware of the contribution their water heater makes to improve their lifestyle. This article will highlight the most common emergency water heater repairs that will snap any homeowner out of their oblivion.

Too Much Pressure

Too much pressure is a plumbing problem you cannot afford to ignore because if you do, then your water heater becomes a ticking time bomb. An indication there's too much pressure in the tank is when the temperature and pressure valves start to leak. It's a sign that these valves can no longer contain or regulate the pressure built up in the tank. Contact your emergency plumbers when you notice the leaks because it's only a matter of time before the internal pressure in the water heater tank causes it to explode. The possibility of your water heater bursting is a potential safety hazard because the consequence of such an explosion would be bodily harm to anyone within the vicinity of the phenomenon.

Your plumber will adjust the temperature settings on your water heater to prevent the boiling water from getting too hot because this is what eventually results in too much pressure. The professional will also inspect the temperature and pressure valves to ascertain that the excess pressure didn't damage them.

Loose In-Line Valve

Your water heater has an in-line valve that regulates the flow of cold water into the tank. If the valve is faulty, you will notice some leakage because the water flow won't be deactivated when the tank is full. Ignoring water leaks around your water heater is a catastrophe waiting to happen, especially if yours is an electrical unit.

Your plumber will secure your valve back into place to prevent future leaks.

Smelly Water

The most plausible explanation for smelly water is a bacteria infestation. So smelly water is not only unpleasant to use but also poses a potential health hazard in your household. Contact a professional plumber so that they can flush your water heater tank with a suitable treatment solution. Your plumber will give you the go-ahead to continue using your water heater once the tank is clear of any bacteria.

These are few among the many emergency water heater repairs plumbers can fix. Always stick with professionals for all water heater repairs to avoid endangering the lives of your loved ones.