3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Might Freeze Up And How To Repair It

The mention of air conditioner freezing might have you thinking it is a good thing that will lead to cold air. However, the air conditioner only works with a refined control between pressure, temperature, and airflow. The refrigerant overworks and freezes when one of the three conditions goes out of whack. While you might not need to understand the intricate details on how the AC makes cold air, it is still advisable to know the typical signs of a damaged system. Here are three reasons your AC could freeze up and how to repair it. 

Mechanical Issues in the Unit

Mechanical issues within the unit can also lead to poor airflow. For example, a bad blower motor can easily lead to freezing because it stops pushing warm air over the coils. You will tell that this part of the unit has broken down from odd rattling noises emanating from the system. Another mechanical issue that can freeze up the AC is the low voltage to the fan. The lack of power slows down the fan and reduces airflow to the coil. Reduced airflow over the evaporator leads to a freeze-up in the system. The ideal way for the technician to resolve these problems is through repairing the damaged components. They might also upgrade the electrical connections. 

Lack of Air Flow

AC technicians admit that one of the common reasons they repair frozen units is poor airflow. The flow of air through your system can get impaired for many reasons. Sometimes, you might have a collapsed air duct that is not letting the air flow to all parts of the house and back to the air conditioner coils. If you have blocked ducts, the air conditioner will freeze because the coils will not have enough warm air to maintain the refrigerant in a liquid state. Other causes of poor airflow include a clogged air filter.

Refrigerant Leak 

Leaking refrigerant is another common source of freezing. Freezing happens when a considerable volume of the refrigerant leaks, leaving behind an inadequate supply. The little that remains quickly becomes overworked, which leads to eventual freezing. Leaking refrigerant is a massive problem you should treat as an AC repair emergency.  

The best way to handle these issues with the AC is by calling a technician to carry out repairs. They will diagnose the source of the problem and resolve it to improve system efficiency and durability. Contact a professional contractor if you are in need of air conditioner repair