Commercial HVAC Leaks: Common Causes And Challenges

As a commercial property owner, you need to be attentive to your building's infrastructure, including the commercial HVAC system. One of the most common problems that people encounter with commercial HVAC systems is leaking water. If your HVAC system is leaking, it's important that you understand why it's happening and address it. In fact, you can start by reaching out to a local HVAC maintenance technician to isolate the source of the problem. Here are a few things you need to look at.

Is The Unit Frozen?

The first thing you'll need to check is the AC unit itself. Whether it's installed on the roof or on the ground outside the building, you should pull the cover off and check the coils for any ice. If you see any ice on the coils, you can resolve the problem by shutting the HVAC system off and allowing it to thaw. Once it thaws, you'll just have to address the reason that the system froze to prevent a recurrence. 

Don't try to scrape or chip any of the ice from the HVAC system, though. It's tempting to do so in an effort to speed up the process, but it's best to let the whole thing thaw naturally. Otherwise, you risk damaging the coils, which can lead to costly repairs. The coils are more delicate than you might think, so avoid any impact-related threats.

Are The Air Filters Clear?

One of the most common reasons for a commercial HVAC system to freeze is due to poor airflow. This is usually the result of dirty air filters, which hinder the adequate airflow needed for your HVAC system to function properly. Talk with your HVAC maintenance technician about how often those filters should be changed, and ask about scheduling a routine maintenance visit.

Is The Drain Line Clear And Connected?

Your HVAC system draws moisture out of the air as it cools, and that moisture will condense in the system. Once it does, the condensate drain line provides an outlet for that to drain away. However, if the drain line came loose, or the line itself is clogged, you might find that the condensation builds up and leads to a leak.

These are a few of the most common indications that your HVAC system needs attention. Reach out to a local commercial HVAC maintenance technician today for more support. They can help you isolate the cause of your HVAC leaks and fix the problem.