Signs That Your AC Compressor Needs Repair

A functional AC is essential in providing optimum temperatures for your comfort during summer. Your air conditioner comprises a system of parts that work to deliver cool air throughout your home. For instance, a compressor works to pressurize and circulate the refrigerant. However, if the compressor malfunctions, it may cause the cooling output to reduce significantly. Since compressor failure can lead to a system breakdown, you should hire an AC professional promptly. They will inspect your system and fix the underlying malfunction for optimal performance. The following are some signs indicating compressor failure.

Strange Noises

It is normal for the compressor to make a relatively low sound while running. Even so, the compressor could be faulty if you hear clattering or ticking noises from the condenser unit. This could be due to foreign objects infiltrating the condenser, causing the compressor to thrash around the housing. Moreover, the wires powering the compressor might burn if an electrical failure occurs. As a result, the compressor will likely experience a hard start, causing it to vibrate and make clicking noises. Thus, you should engage an AC service specialist to fix your compressor for less disruptive operation.

The Compressor is Not Turning On

If your compressor does not instantly engage after you turn the AC on, it could be defective. This could be due to dirty filters and coils, which cause the system to overwork to deliver average cooling output. Consequently, the additional strain on your compressor causes it to overheat and fail. A power surge may also trigger the circuit breaker, causing a power disconnect to the compressor. Furthermore, if the capacitor or the starter relay wears out, it will not supply power to the compressor.

Diminished Airflow

When the airflow from the vents is weak and not as cool as it should be, the compressor could be failing. This is likely due to the line set deteriorating and leaking the refrigerant. As a result, the compressor strains to pump enough refrigerant to cool down your house. This reduces the cooling power, causing a weak flow of warm air from the vents. Therefore, it is essential that you contact an AC contractor to replace the compressor. Additionally, they will regas your system with refrigerant and patch the line set.

High Electricity Bills

A sudden increase in electricity bills without correlating to increased AC usage indicates an underlying malfunction. For instance, if debris blocks the condenser from ventilating, it causes heat retention in the system. This leads to the compressor overworking to expel the heat effectively. In addition, dirt and grime can contaminate oil in the compressor, causing it to overheat and break down.

A well-serviced unit pumps the refrigerant effectively for peak cooling output. To facilitate this, you need to schedule routine tune-ups with an AC technician to keep the system in good working order. For more information on AC repair, contact a professional near you.