4 Warning Signs Your Home Boiler Needs Repair Services

A boiler is a crucial part of a home water heating system and is usually more efficient than forced air systems. This is because water is a better thermal conductor than air, hence warming up faster. However, your boiler is subject to wear and tear over time, reducing the overall operational efficiency. Consequently, your energy bills may spike while the temperatures in your interior drop, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere. Since boiler operations involve high temperatures and flammable gas, you should engage an HVAC contractor to repair it. The following are the signs your boiler needs repair.

Unusual Sounds

Your boiler will generate low sounds when functioning, indicating normal operation. However, if these sounds escalate into loud and strange noises, the heater has a problem. For instance, you may hear rattling noises from excess air in the pipework or a loose valve. On the other hand, your heating system will make rumbling noises when bits of sediment or rust heat up and expand. Thus, you should hire a heating contractor to determine the source of the noises and fix it for quiet operation.

Unpleasant Smells

You may notice a burning smell after a period of dormancy. This could be caused by dirt and debris collecting in the system and coming into contact with the metal coil that generates heat. However, other smells may indicate a defect in the heating unit. As such, you may notice a smell of rotten eggs smell when gas leaks due to loose fittings. This is because utility providers add mercaptan to natural gas to give it a distinct smell. Alternatively, a stronger rotten smell may indicate dead pests in the boiler's flue or near the heater.

High Utility Bills

Although your electricity bills will increase during winter, they should correlate to increased heater usage. However, if the heating bills increase drastically, your system needs repairs. This could be due to the boiler wearing down over time, making the components work much harder. As a result, the boiler may run in overdrive to deliver heat, thus consuming more energy. Therefore, you should contact an HVAC repair expert to replace the worn-out components to restore their functionality.


If you notice puddles of water around the boiler, your system is due for repair. Leaks in the heater could result from excessive pressure in the system, causing water to drip. On the other hand, joints can loosen due to constant temperature fluctuation and leaking water. Thus, it is imperative to engage a heating professional to fix the leaks to prevent water damage.

A malfunctioning boiler will bring discomfort and inconvenience to your home. Therefore, you should schedule regular service checks with an HVAC contractor to ensure your boiler runs at peak performance. For more information on boiler repair, contact a professional near you.