How Can You Tell Whether The Motor In Your Air Conditioner Fan Is Damaged? Three Top Signs

Many homeowners only know how to adjust the temperature and change the filter on their AC. More so, few people periodically engage an AC technician unless their system stops working. That said, if you can notice the warning signs of problematic components and call the expert in time, you will be able to prevent total system failure. Here are four signs indicating your fan motor needs servicing.

Intermittent Operation

Your fan will function unpredictably if it has problems. For example, an overheating motor may stop working without notice. When this happens, the motor may have a short circuit or a loose cable connection. More importantly, note that you should never attempt to fix electrical problems without the help of a qualified expert. Under no circumstances should you attempt to fix an electrical component by yourself because repairing this issue comes with potential fire and electrocution hazards. You should, therefore, let an expert with the right protective gear and training handle a motor with electrical malfunctions.

Buzzing and Vibrating Compressor 

The condensing unit of your air conditioner may have dirt or a stone caught inside hence the rattling noises. On the other hand, the rattling sound can result from unbalanced fan blades colliding with the housing. Not that this is most likely the issue if nothing is visible inside the condenser and the fan can rotate freely. In such a case, employ the services of an AC specialist to check the condenser. If the unit is old, and this problem keeps recurring, it could have reached the end of its useful life, meaning you should replace it.

No Cool Air in the Home

If the fan doesn't turn on, the problem could be with the motor. Note that a problematic fan will mean no cool air, as the evaporator coils will freeze. More so, this increases the likelihood of your air conditioner breaking down. Note that even after turning off the unit, you might notice that the fan keeps running. So, if this is the case, get in touch with an AC specialist and turn off the air conditioner before they arrive. The expert can troubleshoot and determine if your system's fans are broken or have experienced a malfunction.

Keep an eye out for any warning signs that indicate a malfunctioning component. Consult an experienced AC repair specialist to ascertain which parts require repair. Note that they will inspect the system and make any necessary repairs to improve its operation. Further, they will give you a reasonable maintenance schedule to ensure your system's longevity.

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