3 Ways You Can Tell It's Time For A New Furnace

Your furnace works hard throughout the winter months to keep your home warm. It can be devastating to have your furnace stop working when you need it most. The best way to avoid being without adequate heat in your home is to replace your furnace before it gives out completely.

Here are three signs that you can be watching for to help you determine when it's time to invest in a new furnace for your home.

1. Increased Energy Costs  

One way that you can monitor the condition of your furnace is by keeping a close eye on your utility bills. Any unexplained increases in your energy costs can indicate that your furnace will need to be replaced soon.

As a furnace ages, it is no longer able to function as efficiently as it should. It requires more energy for the furnace to keep your home at the proper temperature, and this increased demand for energy manifests in the form of more expensive utility bills.

Have a professional HVAC technician examine your furnace as soon as you see a rise in energy costs so that you can replace your furnace before it fails.

2. An Aging Furnace 

The age of your furnace can help you determine when it's time to install a new unit in your home. Modern furnaces are durable, but they aren't designed to last forever.

The average furnace has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. You should start working with an HVAC technician when your furnace is approaching the end of its expected lifespan. This will allow you to start planning for the replacement of the furnace well in advance of the day when the furnace stops working altogether.

Using the age of your furnace as a way of determining when to start shopping for a new unit will not only ensure you have uninterrupted access to heat, it can give you time to financially prepare for the purchase of a new furnace.

3. Frequency of Repairs

All furnaces will require annual maintenance and periodic repairs. The time for you to start thinking about replacing your furnace comes when the need for repairs becomes more frequent.

A furnace that experiences minor breakdowns on a regular basis is most likely starting to wear out. The cost of continuing to repair a worn furnace often exceeds the cost of investing in a new heating system.

Your HVAC technician will be able to help you determine when the need for repairs becomes so frequent that it no longer makes sense to repair your old unit.

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