Are Older Air Conditioners More Likely To Lose Refrigerant?

It's natural to assume that most appliances will become more expensive to maintain and repair as they age. Your home's air conditioning is no exception, but what failures are likely to occur as it enters its twilight years, and why are these problems so likely? While there are numerous issues aging air conditioners can face, refrigerant leaks are among the most common. Understanding why your system is likely to develop leaks as it ages can help you spot these problems and fix them before they become too serious.

How Can You Tell Whether The Motor In Your Air Conditioner Fan Is Damaged? Three Top Signs

Many homeowners only know how to adjust the temperature and change the filter on their AC. More so, few people periodically engage an AC technician unless their system stops working. That said, if you can notice the warning signs of problematic components and call the expert in time, you will be able to prevent total system failure. Here are four signs indicating your fan motor needs servicing. Intermittent Operation Your fan will function unpredictably if it has problems.

Is Your Furnace Flame Sensor Going Bad? Find Out

A furnace relies on the flame sensor to detect a flame and ensure it is burning as required. As such, the flame sensor is a vital safety element that prevents an explosion if it reads unsafe levels of microamps. However, if the sensor malfunctions, it may cause the unit to go into a safety ignition lockout. This leads to indoor discomfort as your unit will not heat your space as needed.

4 Warning Signs Your Home Boiler Needs Repair Services

A boiler is a crucial part of a home water heating system and is usually more efficient than forced air systems. This is because water is a better thermal conductor than air, hence warming up faster. However, your boiler is subject to wear and tear over time, reducing the overall operational efficiency. Consequently, your energy bills may spike while the temperatures in your interior drop, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere. Since boiler operations involve high temperatures and flammable gas, you should engage an HVAC contractor to repair it.

Signs That Your AC Compressor Needs Repair

A functional AC is essential in providing optimum temperatures for your comfort during summer. Your air conditioner comprises a system of parts that work to deliver cool air throughout your home. For instance, a compressor works to pressurize and circulate the refrigerant. However, if the compressor malfunctions, it may cause the cooling output to reduce significantly. Since compressor failure can lead to a system breakdown, you should hire an AC professional promptly.