Your AC Unit: When Is It Time To Add A New One?

Are you using a window unit to keep your home cool? Is this unit enough to satisfy your needs to cool your house, or do you need more? Your AC unit will actually give you a lot of information regarding how well it works to give you a better idea of whether you need to add another unit to your home or not. So, do you need another AC unit in your house?

Points To Consider When You Need To Decide Between Air Conditioner Repair Or Replacement

When your air conditioner is breaking down repeatedly, it can be frustrating to think you're wasting money on repairs. Deciding whether to repair or replace your air conditioner takes careful consideration. An AC replacement is expensive, but so is wasting money on repairs when the money might be better spent on a replacement. Here are some things to think about when deciding between air conditioner replacement or repair. How Badly You Need AC In The Summer

Dealing With A Slab Leak In Your Home

Slab leaks are among the hardest repairs to deal with in your home, and since they are hard to detect, you should hire a professional contractor that understands the problem and has the experience to verify the leak and fix it properly. Understanding a Slab Leak The term slab leak is a strange one, but essentially it describes a leak under the slab or foundation of your home. Water pipes running under or through the concrete begin to leak and start to cause a problem for the homeowner, requiring costly repair.

Comparing Electric And Gas Furnaces

Your furnace is one of the central appliances within your home, and it plays an important role in keeping your comfort at an acceptable level throughout the winter. However, despite most furnaces making use of ductwork and a series of fans and blowers to move hot air around your home, not all furnaces operate in the same way. The fuel source that your furnace uses plays a huge role in the benefits that it offers.

Home Heated by Propane? How to Tell If Your Regulator Needs Replacing

If your home is heated with propane, you have an on-site propane tank, which means you also have a tank regulator. You probably know that your tank requires routine maintenance and that you need to monitor it for leaks and visible damage. However, you might not realize that the tank regulator also needs to be monitored on a regular basis. Unfortunately, if you're not monitoring the regulator, you could be putting your tank—and yourself—at risk.