Home Heated by Propane? How to Tell If Your Regulator Needs Replacing

If your home is heated with propane, you have an on-site propane tank, which means you also have a tank regulator. You probably know that your tank requires routine maintenance and that you need to monitor it for leaks and visible damage. However, you might not realize that the tank regulator also needs to be monitored on a regular basis. Unfortunately, if you're not monitoring the regulator, you could be putting your tank—and yourself—at risk.

How To Cool Your House Down During The Summer

If you feel like the only way for you to get cooled down during the hot summer months is by dipping your whole body into an ice bath, then you probably don't have a good enough cooling system set up in your home. If you currently live in a house or apartment that doesn't' have a cooling system in it, then you may be wondering how you'll ever get things cooled down.